9 07, 2018

Chattanooga Dry Needling

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DRY NEEDLING (DN) Dry Needling (DN) is a therapeutic technique that involves the insertion of a solid, sterile, filiform stainless steel needle into a specific, selected part of the body. The goal is to achieve a desired myofascial response to the underlying tissue to decrease pain and improve movement impairments. Dry Needling is often times [...]

30 06, 2017

Rocktape in Chattanooga from Superior Physical Health

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Rocktape FAQ How it works? RockTape works by lifting the skin away from the muscle and fascia. It reduces muscle fatigue and promotes blood flow for faster recovery. The taping also promotes lymph drainage to remove toxins that are produced by the body. Is it just for athletes? No. RockTape can be applied to many [...]

21 09, 2016

Chiropractic | Why Dr. Smith Chose to be a Chiropractor

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How did I get into chiropractic care? Not all of my patients know my story, so I wanted to share why I chose to be a chiropractor. I can say that my experience with chiropractic healing was a very personal one and quite eye opening. Background In Chiropractic I started receiving chiropractic care after a [...]

1 09, 2016

Chiropractic | Why Dr. Shaun Chose to be a Chiropractor

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Many youth in small towns are ready to move away and do bigger and better things with their lives. This was no different for Dr. Shaun Roach as a young adult. He grew up in Ringgold all his life, and his plans were to move away and never look back on the town that molded [...]