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Superior Physical Health is located in the East Brainerd area of Chattanooga, TN. Our Doctors have been serving Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga’s health needs since 2000. We aim to offer cost efficient health and wellness care to our community.

Our highly trained doctors and staff offer exceptional care to our patients. Chiropractic Care offers us the opportunity to serve our patients with love and compassion. We want to relieve your pain as soon as possible, and get you on the road to recovery and wellness.  Our office offers chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, Deep Tissue Laser, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and physiotherapy.

We pride ourselves in educating our patients so that they are fully informed about the services we provide and how it directly relates to their condition.  A well informed patient usually makes better decisions about their health and wellness. We ensure our patients understand all of their options and are aware of the solutions that are available. We encourage patients to ask as many questions they may have. We will be happy to answer them to your satisfaction.

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    ADHD and Allergies


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    *I praise and thank God that he brought me to…. In 2003 I developed Achilles tendonitis in my right heel. I suffered sever inflammation and pain for nearly three and a half years. I didn’t think that it would ever heal without a miracle. By 2007, my limping for so long had hurt my lower back and had greatly affected the condition of my heel. It began to trouble….
    *Individual result. Results may vary based on each individual’s body and health condition.
    *My trouble began with pain in my lower back and right leg. After several visits to other health facilities, I decided to try spinal decompression. After finishing my initial treatment plan, I now have a greater mobility in my back and lower extremities. I am now able to once again walk 2-3 miles a day.
    *Individual result. Results may vary based on each individual’s body and health condition.
    P. Hayes
    *Before coming to …, I was in pain for over 2 years. I struggled with low back pain that traveled down my leg. I was taking up to 5 pain pills a day just to get by. I had to stop doing things I enjoyed, like working in my garden. I had an MRI taken, and back surgery seemed to be my only option. So, I decided to try spinal decompression. After my first week…
    *Individual result. Results may vary based on each individual’s body and health condition.
    H. Thornburg
    *Allie is 10 years old and has been hurting for a year. Her heel and ankle was really hurting. After several visits to Vanderbilt and other local doctors, Dr. Shaun’s office was the answer to our many prayers. Allie was scheduled for a spine blocker and after our visit to Dr. Shaun…
    *Individual result. Results may vary based on each individual’s body and health condition.
    The Schlageter’s
    Golf has been something I’ve done all my life during high school, college, and professionally. Had I known the results from the therapy, there is no doubt I would have been doing this the entire time. I’m now 41 and still play a lot. I want to stay competitive and flexible. My back and left shoulder used to hurt everyday. For the first time in a very long time I am pain free. I’m also feeling a lot stronger. I feel more relaxed with my golf swing and I have gained yardage with every club 15-20 yards with a DRIVER!!!

    Thanks to Superior Physical Health I am happier, feel healthier, and my golf is improving!

    Brenden Wilson


    Chattanooga Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
    Chattanooga Spinal Decompression by Dynatronics